For SO many years
I was the "yo-yo" exerciser... 

I'm glad you stopped by!

I'd love to tell you my story because I'm sure you can relate...

I would start a program with all the determination in the world to be the best version of me I could be. Then the weekend would come…or I'd have an off day…or I'd finish the 30 days...and then quit...or promise myself I'd get back on track "on Monday". 

I cannot even imagine what I had done to my metabolism with all the different "protein shakes" and quick fix diets/cleanses. I thought I had tried everything. I was a cardio junkie one month and when results weren't showing I'd switch into a hardcore lifting plan. Then I thought the ToneItUp plan was for me but when I failed that I moved onto BBG. Never knowing what balance was or what my body truly needed. 

my classroom

Then in October 2015, everything changed!...

I took a leap of faith and tried (yet again) another program. I signed up to be a Coach praying...that this would be it. I wanted to inspire others with my journey, but truly wanted something that would make me hold myself accountable.  

Well it worked! 

I felt like a completely different person
I was off my IBS medication
My never-ending bloat was gone
I had energy (what was that?)
...and the best part...I wanted to work out!!

(results may vary)

After 21 days of the 21 Day Fix Extreme

I finally felt like this was something I could accomplish and stick to. I finally felt free of counting calories and feeling guilty after a cheat meal. I finally felt free in my own body. I think the biggest accomplishment for me was to be able to FINALLY stick to something. This is the LONGEST I've ever been on a "journey" and for once I never want to give up. Being able to improve my results for over 4 years has been the most incredible feeling--and--
I seriously cannot wait to see the person I can become in the years to come. 

The incredible support system. I never had the accountability and love like this before. The challenge groups my team runs are amazing and even though they think I'm motivating's actually motivating me even more! Beachbody gives you so many incredible tools. It's not a one thing fits all program. You can find what fits you best OR keep trying new programs to improve your results. 



Shakeology has saved my life!
 End of story. No artificial flavors, no fillers, no dyes, no additives...I am adding 70 superfoods into my body every morning and it has completely cured my "leaky gut" and IBS. (*Results may be different for others) 


I am finally living a DIET free life. This is my LIFESTYLE. This is NOT a QUICK FIX or a summer bikini goal. I now have the desire to be the strongest, happiest, and healthiest version of me...from the inside out.  


About 2 years into this business I was able to put in my letter of resignation for teaching to pursue coaching full time.

It was honestly a leap of faith and truly outside of my “box”.

BUT it was 110% worth every late night hustle and early morning wake up call. I am now building an empire from home and soon can be the Stay at home mama that was the goal all along! 

Thinking maybe this is something for you?!

click below for more info!!

click below for more info!!




So WHY do I feel this program works?